Ricki Oberoi, President of Oberoi Holdings, Sienna Plantation

Ricki_Oberoi-2.jpgDean has been a powerful force in Fort Bend for many years and our county is better for it.

His leadership as a Judge will be a tremendous asset to our legal system as our population continues to grow.

We need more people like Dean willing to step up and lead Texas and this nation.

Allen Cease, Attorney, Sugar Land

Cease_Allen-2.jpgDean Hrbacek is the best fit for Judge of County Court at Law No. 6 in Fort Bend County, Texas.

His many years of experience as a lawyer have prepared him for the task. Dean is honest, fair and conservative. He will follow the law and not make the law.

I wholeheartedly endorse Dean Hrbacek for Judge of County Court at Law No. 6.

Phil Hamman, Certified Public Accountant, Richmond

Phil_Hamman-2.jpgI have worked professionally with Dean for several years.

I can think of no one else that would make a better Judge than Dean.

Yocel Alonso, Attorney, Sugar Land

Yocel_Alonso-2.jpgI support Dean because we need experienced Judges who understand how stressful a day in court can be for people and apply the law in a fair and thoughtful way.

Mike Svatek, Co-Owner of Phoenix Design Group, Inc., Missouri City

Mike_Svatek-2.jpgIt is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I endorse Dean Hrbacek for Judge of County Court at Law No. 6.

I have known Dean for over 40 years and find him to be a man of strength, character and determination. A person with a “common sense approach” to listen, understand and resolve.

A great addition to the bench in Fort Bend County. 

Frank Hester, Retired, Riverstone

Hester_Frank-2.jpgI have known Dean Hrbacek for several years.

He embraces conservative values, a leader, a man of integrity and honesty. 

Kevin Horak, Farmer and Rancher, Needville

Horak__Kevin-2.jpgI have come to know Dean on a professional level.  He has a reputation for being a hard worker and has proven in his history to be a dedicated public servant.  When elected, I know he will do great things as a conservative leader for our county.